Kind Words



First time we met Shirleen, our wedding designer, we knew she’s who we were looking for and that our wedding was going to be an awesome event. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional, creative, and most important she is a great listener. She not only knew what we wanted for our wedding, she also went an extra mile to make it the best one we could ever ask for.

Shirleen was patient and encouraging, always striving to help us to fulfil the vision we had for our wedding, even when some of our ideas were ridiculous! Thank you for all her tireless work and her calm and reassuring presence on the day and in the days leading up to the wedding meant it was stress free for us. Thank you so much for letting us relax and just enjoy our time together in the lead up to the big day. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day, a day that’s filled with joy, laughter and love. Shirleen was not only our wedding designer, we also became friends! We always have a good time chatting with this inspiring and passionate lady. We would totally recommend her to all of our soon to marry couple friends!


I am always the kind of person who is super organised, hands on and demanding. I have never thought I would need/trust a wedding planner to help on my wedding. It started off as a casual conversation with Shirleen but she impressed us with her impeccable sense of style; her networks within the industry and her expertise in the wedding business. We engaged her to help us the same day we met her! The whole experience was very nice: she did everything for me and made me a stress-free bride. Shirleen is super helpful and resourceful. My husband was skeptical about hiring a planner in the beginning but even he said our wedding wouldn’t be so perfect if not for Shirleen and her team. He told me the phrase he said most during our wedding day was : “please ask Shirleen” (that showed how much trust we had in her!) She has high attention to details and helped us plan such a beautiful and memorable wedding that we as a couple truly enjoyed!



Timeless Event was more than what we had asked for as a wedding planner. During our initial discussion, our planner Shirleen was able to quickly understand what our requirements and needs were and was able to provide thoughtful suggestions and ideas that matched our style and tastes. As we were not too familiar with the local Chinese wedding traditions, Shirleen was also able to assist and provide recommendations on how to best incorporate these into our wedding yet still maintain our wedding’s overall theme and style. Throughout the planning stage, Shirleen kept us updated frequently but did not overload us with information we didn’t need which gave us a peace of mind. She also knew when she needed to come to us for decisions and when she could make some of those decisions on her own which not only saved us a lot of time and hassle but also further built our trust with her.

During the wedding day, team Timeless was very professional and her attention to detail was second to none. They not only executed our wedding flawlessly, when some unexpected issues occurred during that day, Shirleen was very quick to adjust and improvise to the point we didn’t even notice those issues had occurred. Shirleen was dedicated, thoughtful and respectful throughout the entire process and was with us every step of the way. Most importantly, she is very passionate about her work and it was evident she loved every part of the process. We received a lot of compliments for our wedding and a lot of this praise should go to Timeless Event Design. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend this to any other couples who are looking for a wedding planner.  Thank you Shirleen and Timeless Event Design.


Timeless Event Design executed our wedding beautifully.

More than just a planner, Shirleen and her team helped us envision and realise the entire day — from the initial planning and decor design, to the vendor discussions and important on-the-day rundown and logistics.

Shirleen was an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance during the decision-making process. She is patient and a great listener, and also resourceful and respectful of our budget.

Leading up to the day, the entire Timeless team was extremely helpful and supportive (especially Sheena, Mandy and Christy). We were so lucky to have them take care of everything so we could just soak in the day, and focus on our families, friends and loved ones. Our day was absolutely perfect, and could not have happened without the efforts of Shirleen and her amazing Timeless team. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective couples. Thank you thank you thank you!

Deborah & George

Shirleen and her team made our wedding day perfect. The planning, concepts and design of the wedding took nearly one year. Throughout this year, Timeless Events and Design helped us figure out what our dream wedding would be like. Throughout the planning stages, we really appreciated Shirleen’s honesty and sincerity. The team would provide well needed professional ideas and opinions which allowed us to make the right choices. Being a veteran events planner, Shirleen made sure we kept our wedding on track. It was a tall order for Shirleen and her team to fulfill all of our crazy ideas and turn them into a reality with our timing and budget.

The wedding day was a dream. Shirleen and her team had everything sorted for us and it felt so enjoyable, as a couple, to enjoy and celebrate the day with our family and friends. The team was incredibly professional and made sure everything went smoothly.

We would highly recommend Timeless Events Design to anyone who needs the best events planner to help them plan their dream wedding. Thank you Shirleen and the Timeless Events Design Team.



We definitely made the right decision in hiring Timeless as our wedding planner. After a brief meeting with Shirleen and her team, we already knew we are gonna be in good hands, she knows exactly what style we like, what types of flower that will suit best; always giving the advice that we need and recommendation taking into consideration of our budget. She is so easy to talk to and since the wedding has a tight schedule, Shirleen and her team dealt with every single aspect from the hotel to the photography team, so that we can be worry-free and feel relaxed on our wedding day! Highly recommend Timeless.